Our Digital Privacy Statement

With GDPR now in force we want to assure all our clients that we take data security very seriously, unlike Facebook and co. Below is ... [more]

Optimum directors salary for 2018/19

Spring is in the air and the next tax year started on 6th April which means it's time to review your salary if you are ... [more]

Cloud accounting software review

Cloud accounting products have arguably been the biggest leap forward in accounting tech since the arrival of the personal computer. The advantages in terms of ... [more]

End of tax year planning tips

It seemed only a couple of weeks ago that I was frantically chasing clients for information so that I can meet the 31 January personal ... [more]

Optimal Director’s salary for 17/18

It's the start of the new tax year so time for company directors to review their annual salary. This year, assuming you are the sole ... [more]

New working relationship with tax specialist Sally Campbell

Working on your own has it's benefits, but sometimes it get's a bit lonely so I'm pleased to say that this year I'm going to ... [more]

U turn on Class 4 National insurance

the government has withdrawn the proposed increase in national insurance for the self-employed following extensive criticism, so good news for sole traders, though to be ... [more]

The Budget 2017 – key points

Although most of the tax changes announced in the Budget on wednesday had been already released in the autumn statement there were a couple of ... [more]

Autumn statement – review

 2016 Autumn Statement Review The first Autumn statement by the new chancellor, or spreasheet Phil as he's apparently known, also turned out to be the last ... [more]

Autumn statement – changes to flat rate scheme for contractors

Along with the expected news of increase to the personal allowance and reduction in the corporation tax rate there was one unexpected change to the ... [more]